"Thorlabs recognizes the importance of both a healthy lifestyle as well as supporting local farms and business alike. The Sparta Farmers Market serves as a great venue for such local businesses. It not only brings local vendors all to one convenient location, it also brings together a community. The Sparta Farmers Market offers more than produce, custom-crafted trinkets, and various food and drink. It also offers camaraderie and a safe, fun atmosphere with music and pleasant chatter among people. In addition, the market is pet-friendly so you always see its patrons enjoying with their four-legged friends. This type of environment is particularly appreciated by Thorlabs as a growing company that is looking to attract and retain talented employees to our area. Our employees are often seen frequenting the market on Saturday mornings particularly after nearby local races, in which they are very active. We commend the Sparta Farmers Market team for their efforts in organizing the market each weekend, as well as the effort they have put into growing our community and starting the GIFT program, a much needed service benefiting those in need in our area." - Thor Labs, Newton, NJ

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